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Raja Ampat on the Ambai!

Indonesia, March 4-15, 2019



It’s the destination on all divers’ bucket list! Raja Ampat has become one of the most desired destination for divers due to the health and diversity of the ecosystem. This, for most of us, will be the dive trip of a lifetime. We looked at other boats but found them more expensive or with lesser days of diving. The Ambai came in less expensive while offering more days of diving with a standard that I know our group will feel comfortable with and well taken care of.


Right now we’ve reserved half the boat, so if we fill that half, we’ll be getting some refunds as usual, and you’ll get it back in the form of a check after the trip (making the cost cheaper than the quoted price). We can always add more people than the half we reserved, but only if there is room still available... so you have to jump on this or it may disappear!




11 nights on the Ambai, March 4-15, 2019.

We will be diving the north near Dampier Straits

and south near Misool. Minimum 33 dives.

Just like last time, all food and Nitrox included.


Lower deck: $4,785

Upper deck: $5,043


The price does not include alcohol, tips, gifts you

might purchase, gear rental, international and

domestic flights, any hotel you might want to

book, Raja Ampat park fee of 200 euro

(required fee for all divers), uplanned fuel surcharge

and cancellation fees. Just like last time to

Indonesia, we will share flight information once

it gets published by the airlines and then you can

either fly the same flights or arrange your own.

So stay tuned.

FLIGHTS: This is only an estimate based on prices for spring of 2018. Prices for 2019 is still not available. At the time of this writing United Airlines has round trip flight into Jakarta with similar itinerary for $764. Domestic flights from Jakarta to Sorong $150 on Garuda Indonesia. Once the flights are published for 2019 we will have better idea of exact airfare pricing, and as usual we will compile an email list for everyone going and will be sending notices back and forth when great flight prices arise. Everyone seems to get involved in this aspect which makes it fun.


DEPOSITS: due to reserve your spot (deposit is applied toward your balance).

$478.50/person Lower cabin (nonrefundable unless someone can take over your spot)

$504.3/person Upper cabin (nonrefundable unless someone can take over your spot)

30%  due until September 1 of 2018.

Final payment due November 1 of 2018.


Please make check payable to Sole Searchers Dive Club, Inc. 


Send to:

Lars Dennert

245 Bella Vista Ave.

Pasadena CA 91107

Your booking is subject to the contract conditions the dive club has agreed to with

Bluewater Travel and Wallacea. Please contact us if you would like a copy of this contract.

Kaz Aizawa


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